Planned Out Activities (2021-2023)

Planned Out Activities (2021-2023)

  • Feature – films:

◦Before Dawn (cultural but pulse-setting story)

◦Mixed Legacy (investigative journalism thriller)

◦Mailoni Brothers (drama, based on real story)

  • Documentaries:

◦Historical (Kaunda triology, Maina Soko, LPM, Omelo Mumba etc.)

◦Contemporary/educational (Totems, 3 Evils Unresolved)

  • Television Series:

◦Mix Njombwinjo (Hilarius) – 60 episode

◦Daughter In Search (26 episode)

◦Mailoni Brothers (unpacked into TV series to allow for more depth into the story)

  • Dramas:

◦Education focused (literature in English Books), and a short-films (Kwachas and Dreams)


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